My fur-babies are large and fluffy. I have Samoyeds and I even used to show them in dog shows. So when it comes to leashes and collars, I’m picky..I got this leash in pink for my baby Kashi, and I approve! I don’t like keeping a collar on her, because most collars are too thick […]

Flavored water has been a new craze of mine. I drink more water throughout the day, because it tastes good! This bottle has little markers and encouraging messages for each hour to help you stay on track to reaching your goal of water-intake each day. It is also 100% BPA free, so you’ll still be […]

Stressed out? Bath & Body Works is heaven to most who walk through their aisles of self-pampering goodness. None of that artificial scent nonsense, they’ve got the good stuff. I’m not much for spa/beauty products, but mention relaxation or peace-inducing and you’ve got my attention. Eucalyptus is just a beautiful scent. Fresh, mild, calming, yet […]

This tea kettle is the highlight of my kitchen. My kitchen is all white with red accents, so the red color fits perfectly. I keep this kettle out on my stove at all times, because it dresses up the stovetop a bit (a place usually starving of color) and it acts as a great reminder […]