July 22, 2017

Yogi Tea

Yogi tea is a great one to start off with. While I usually prefer lighter, more mild teas, I often hear from new tea drinkers that they don’t like the watered down or herbal taste of tea. Yogi tea is bolder than many other teas. They use flavors we are used to, like fruit, ginger, lavender, cinnamon, etc. as the main taste, so that we can ease into some of the grassier or herbal tastes that often turn new tea drinkers off.

I’ve found tea to be a very useful substitute to other, less healthy, habits. Reach for tea, which satisfies tastebuds but with healthy benefits, rather than dessert or snacks. Often you are just looking for something to satisfy your tongue when you reach for food in between meals, not something to satisfy hunger. Just squeeze some lemon or honey in to give it a sweeter taste. I also find tea to be an easy comfort just before trying to fall asleep or when you’re feeling down, and having the habit of going to make a cup of warm tea in the morning before you start anything else makes it easier to roll out of bed! Trying to quit drinking so much coffee? Me too..tea is a great substitute, because it still has some caffeine but just enough to help wean you off.

Get a taste of their most popular flavors with their variety pack here:

Yogi Tea Office Favorites 6 Flavor Variety Pack (Pack of 6)