I use this product all the time. I try to keep a very basic morning routine, so I hold onto only the essentials and this is one of mine! I never use a hair dryer (curls turned ultimate frizz), so this is what I reach for right out of the shower, and it allows my curls to settle shiny and not frizzy as they dry. It’s a lighter oil so I apply only to the length of my hair, not the roots, and it doesn’t leave a heavy residue that so many sticky oils or gels do. As a result, I can restyle my hair three days before needing to wash it again!

*Note*: Do not directly spray into hair! Really excited to try it out for the first time, I just went ham on spraying my ends and it looked like I had just slipped into a puddle of olive oil…gross. Put just a couple spritzes into your palm, work it through your ends, and see how it dries before trying any more. It can be applied wet or dry, so don’t be afraid to use sparingly.

Do you have curly hair, too? The worst thing you can do is brush through those curls! I only gently finger comb in the shower and dab with a towel after I get out. Don’t pull through it when you put the oil in to style, only gently work it through around the curls that are already taking shape. Encourage your curls and they’ll return the favor by flawlessly cascading down your back! ..maybe not quite. But unless it’s mercilessly humid out, oil makes for less stiff and shinier curls.

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