I know what you’re thinking reading that title..manipulative. But don’t let that frighten you! This book has been popular with highly accomplished and influential individuals for over 75 years for a reason. Everything in this book is painfully obvious in everyday life, but you never quite put your finger on it until you read it. Many of the points he makes are things we realize while conversing with other people, but don’t always want to admit. He confronts issues like pride, using your reactions to get what you want, what people like in others, first impressions, admitting your mistakes, how to be approachable, etc. Just being aware of these things after you read this book will open your eyes to how people work, and it allow you to open doors to opportunities you didn’t think you had before.

You may be questioning if any of this matters to you. To that, I answer yes! This book is beneficial to everyone. We are social beings and, even if you prefer to be alone much more than the average person, we work with each other just to get by. As social beings, our quality of life is heightened when we can smooth the exchanges we have with strangers or enrich the relationships we already have. That starts with understanding how we converse, and this book will serve you a big chunk of that understanding. So enjoy!

Read the book, kindle version or listen to the audiobook here:
How to Win Friends & Influence People