This tea kettle is the highlight of my kitchen. My kitchen is all white with red accents, so the red color fits perfectly. I keep this kettle out on my stove at all times, because it dresses up the stovetop a bit (a place usually starving of color) and it acts as a great reminder to reach for a healthy tea at least twice a day. The whistle is a higher, sweet sound rather than irritating, and the pour button on the handle allows for an easy pour, avoiding the hot steam coming out the spout (ouch!). It’s easy to rinse out and multiple cups can be made at a time. The best part? You don’t get any coffee residue like you do when using a coffee maker to make tea. Don’t settle for the coffee residue! Tea often has a subtle taste, and that coffee residue destroys it.

Using useful things like a tea kettle, live herbs, or mason jars to decorate your kitchen keeps it uncluttered and easy to clean. Having extra decorative objects on the counter make it harder to wipe down after every meal prep. Cooking appliances/tools look natural in a kitchen, and having aesthetic objects like a tea kettle or bowl of fruit will help you stay on a healthy track!

Get your own decorative tea kettle here:

Calphalon Enamel Tea Kettle, 2 quart, Red