Stressed out? Bath & Body Works is heaven to most who walk through their aisles of self-pampering goodness. None of that artificial scent nonsense, they’ve got the good stuff. I’m not much for spa/beauty products, but mention relaxation or peace-inducing and you’ve got my attention. Eucalyptus is just a beautiful scent. Fresh, mild, calming, yet energizing. Doesn’t ever seem to be out of place, like cinnamon past Christmas-time or sugar-cookie smells in a bedroom (yuck). I fell in love with this lotion and I always have it on hand for when stress tries to take over. Usually I won’t use scented lotion if I’m working on a computer all day or doing something where my hands are near my face. Smells get to me after awhile. But I am never bothered by this fresh, mild scent. I encourage you to try it out!

Scented lotions bother you? Try rubbing the lotion in after you wash your hands and before you pat them dry. You’ll still get the affects of the lotion, but the scent will be muted.

Get a bottle for your desk at work and your bathroom at home:

Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint 6.5 oz Aromatherapy Lotion