My fur-babies are large and fluffy. I have Samoyeds and I even used to show them in dog shows. So when it comes to leashes and collars, I’m picky..I got this leash in pink for my baby Kashi, and I approve! I don’t like keeping a collar on her, because most collars are too thick and rub a hairless ring around their necks. So this collar-leash combo is easy to slip over her head when it’s time to go out and has a piece you can tighten down, so that the leash doesn’t loosen up and slip off. This same piece has a hole to put tags on, just in case you lose hold of the leash right as they take off after a bunny (it happens, so get those tags on)! The color is also an issue. When you buy cheap collars or leashes the color bleeds into their fur when it gets wet or warm. I have successfully walked her in the rain quite a few times now without leaving her with a pink neck. Success! There also aren’t any extra wraps or pieces to get stuck in her fur, and I like the length I have. Too much and you can’t gain control when a dog comes by, but just enough where she feels comfortable doing her business (she’s a bit bashful). Highly suggest this leash for hairy and fluffy dogs!

*Note*: I don’t advise not putting a collar on your dog this unless you only take them out on a leash, they cannot escape your house easily, and they’re well trained on a leash.

A tip for dogs who pull a lot: they don’t respond to pulling back. My dog is a breed that used to be used for pulling sleds, so pulling weight is in their blood and you aren’t going to stop them! Instead, use small strong jerks to correct their behavior. If they walk too far ahead, a quick correction toward you will let them know that they need to listen to the lead and follow you, not pull into the lead. Also, keeping the lead high up on their neck, right behind their ears, will allow you to correct where their head goes, instead of pulling their entire bodyweight around. Try it out with the leash below!

Get your dog this collar & leash combo here:
Excelta – Precision Tweezer, 4.25in